At the beginning of 1999, the company invested 1000000 yuan to research and develop the dry method production process of cuprous chloride. And  in the end of 1999, we successed in developing the method. And we started to produce Cucl in 2000,.We became the first and only company to use dry  method to produce cuprous chloride in China.
To 2010, in the ten years of development, our dry method production process of cuprous chloride became mature, and the  quality was very stable.It has reached the world's advanced level, Our customers include  hundreds of enterprises in the world, and in these enterprises include the world 500 strong who use cuprous chloride ,such as the world's largest producer of organic silicon , BASF and so on.
In 2012, the company invested 50000000 yuan to built the new plant in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone  Fengxian Branch.We further improve the production process,and improve the production equipment, and purchase inspection facilities,and the introduction of talents.
Along with the development of domestic and foreign present cuprous chloride market , our company has become the world's largest supplier of cuprous chloride.