The construction factory of Hai Rong is located in the Fengxian branch of Shanghai chemical industry district, close to the Shanghai chemical industry area. At present, the main production of copper chloride is made by dry method. This dry method is our own research and development and is very popular. CuCl content of cuprous chloride produced by dry process is more than 99%. Because of advanced technology and high quality, the products are exported to domestic and foreign markets and are silicone producers. In the world, BASF Germany, Flavi M, Italy, WAC Germany, SANYO Japan, Zhuhai Dongyang ink in China, Flint Group Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. and so on.

SHANGHAI RONGJIAN CHEMICAL PLANT CO.,LTD., taking high and new technology industry as the leader, relies on technology and management innovation, vigorously promote talent project, focus on industry and capital management, highlight fine chemical industry as the core, accelerate the development of chemical industry, cultivate core competitiveness, form basic chemical materials, fine workers, new materials, diversification and modernization. The three pillars of international chemical enterprises are